About us


In 2004 Edison Gonzalez created the Southeast Florida Real Estate Investors Association (SEFREIA). In the Intervening 18 years I had the privilege of meeting thousands of Real Estate minded people, many of whom became successful Investors in their own right. Our meetings over time have provided many with valuable real-world RE knowledge, often having guest speakers and various industry leaders invited to speak of current real estate issues, services and deal-making.

Most of all, the benefit of our continued weekly meetings serve as a valuable sounding – board for all the newbie (and experienced) investors who bring in and talk about their pending deals. Everyone benefits, as each has the opportunity to ask others how to overcome difficulties—and gain inspiration and support!

Unleash Your True Financial Potential

Edison’s journey to financial freedom began with a goal: retire through passive income. He achieved that goal through strategic investments and rental properties, living a life of abundance and financial security. Driven by a belief in the true purpose of life, Edison founded the South East Florida Real Estate Investors Association (SEFREIA) to empower others to achieve their financial goals and experience the same peace and purpose he found.

Cutting-Edge Strategies for Success

With extensive experience in buying and selling hundreds of houses, Edison’s innovative methods are proven to deliver results. As a transnational engineer, he thrives on creating win-win deals even in challenging circumstances.

Constantly growing in his career, Edison’s travels and workshops allow him to connect with industry professionals, refining his principles to provide the best education to his students. Edison believes that success is fueled by an unwavering passion for life and business and is living proof that anything is possible.

Our Vision

Unlock Your Real Estate Investment Potential with SEFREIA! Join our dynamic community and gain access to a wealth of knowledge and resources. Our past meetings have covered a wide range of subjects, including:
✔️ No Money Down Creative Financing
✔️ Wholesaling
✔️ REO purchasing
✔️ Subject To
✔️ Rehabbing
✔️ Marketing Techniques
✔️ Lease/Options
✔️ Buying and selling paper
✔️ Asset Protection
✔️ Foreclosures
✔️ Real Estate Investing Basics

Some of the topics we cover

✔️ Short Sales
✔️ 1031 Exchanges
✔️ Working with Brokers
✔️ Meet Mentors and Real Estate Professionals
✔️ Landlording
✔️ Evictions
✔️ Real Estate Inspection
✔️ Property Assessment
✔️ Build your TEAM
✔️ Meet other Real Estate Investors